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Medication Programs & Rejuvenation Procedures:: Acne Medication with Placenta Cell Extracts

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Medication Programs & Rejuvenation Procedures:: Acne Medication with Placenta Cell Extracts
Issued June 15, 2014

Acne Medication

Plazan Curative Cream and Regenerating Gel are effective remedies for treatments of acne. And are also preventative. Its substances have a flaking-off, antibacterial action and are able to penetrate into deep pores.

1. Acne does not arise from dirt, therefore it is not necessary to scrub the skin with a strong alkaline soap, do not waste your time searching for anti-acne soaps, or use scrubbers for washing - this will only make the situation worse. A soft soap is quite enough for the removal of make-up, fat, and dirt from the skins surface.

2. Acne do not stem from your normal diet. However, the condition can be influenced with products containing high contents of iodine - mollusks, seaweed, sea kale, and mineral additives containing iodine. (e.g.: iodine salt). If you do suffer from acne, limit the consumption of products set out above, or if possible, completely exclude them from your diet.

3. Acne Do not touch, do not pick, and do not squeeze, acne.

4. Nobody has yet proved that sunlight is a cure for the condition of acne. What is true, is that the sun dries acne and a suntan hides it, but the suns ultra-violet rays can increase the thickness of the horn layer, and even worse, block up pores or damage the canal orifice that will result in pore blockage. After 5-6 weeks white heads will develop.

5. Heavy fatty cosmetics can worsen the condition of acne, as they block the pours. When choosing a cosmetic product, be careful that they do not contain fats, and it is a water based product.

Acne Treatment Procedure - Application:
Plazan Treatments for problem skin

1. For better results use Plazan Regenerating Toner and Deep Milk Cleanser for skin cleansing.
2. Apply the Regenerating Gel on a cleaned and slightly dry skin for 20-30 min on the problem area. Then rinse with warm water.
3. Apply Plazan Curative Cream.

It is recommended to do the procedure 2 times a day during a week, then use once at night. Keep to a diet. Protect your skin from the sun.


Skin care Article: Acne Medication logo image  Plazan Curative Cream - Intensive Series (30 ml)

THE MAIN CHARACTERISTIC of the Plazan Curative Cream is the absence of addiction effect. The Cream's biological activity lasts during whole term of application. The developed skin care system provides proof effect of treatment of problem skin and acne.

Acne Medication - Curative Cream image

Price: € 34.70

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Property of Plazan Curative Cream effectively allows you to apply it for problem skin and treatment of skin diseases or virus infection (herpes). Lytic enzymes directly suppress development of various bacteria due to splitting of microbes shell. Owing to the Curative Cream is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin.

The Plazan Curative Cream normalize oil glands activity, effectively removes peeling at psoriasis, reduces itching at irritation or neurodermatitis and eczema, makes skin soft and elastic. Contains *high molecular components from placental cell extracts, *hyaluronic acid, *allogenic albumens.

Skin care Article: Acne Medication Regenerating gel image  Plazan Curative Regenerating gel Plazanol - Intensive Series (30 ml)

To get the best result from Plazan treatments for acne and problem skin we also would recommend to use Intensive Plazanol Regenerating Gel. Plazanol Regenerating Gel is recommended for complex treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin because of its additional curative properties. The Plazan Regenerating Gel's curative substances stimulate skinís derma growth with a cosmetic effect of newly formed tissue (without cheloids and scars), treat and prevent breakouts.

Acne Medication - Regenerating Gel Plazanol image

Price: € 34.70

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Regenerating Gel Plazanol - is intended for acceleration of healing of the all kinds of skin damages without leaving scar formation (scar, incised, septic wounds, crush injury, burns). Anesthetizes the articulate and relieves muscle pains.

Stimulates tissue regeneration. Antimicrobic properties of the gel are determined with proteolytic enzymes presence, which destroys microbe coat, and due to antimicrobic agents has a wide spectrum of action. The analgesic presence reduces pain effects, placental components provide comfortable conditions of regeneration process.

Indication. Plazanol Regenerating Gel is recommended for treatment of blackhead rash, acne and problem skin. Plazanol Regenerating Gel is effective at sharp traumatic conditions: subcutaneous and deep wounds; burns; suppurative inflammation in fresh and chronic wounds; bruises, hematomas, grazes; ligamentous laxity; sharp skin inflammatory processes and mucous tissue; traumas of cartilaginous joint tissue; muscular spasms, and also at psoriasis, neurodermatitis and decubitus.

Plazan Skin Care Products is a professional selection of natural ingredients suitable for all skin types based on a placenta cell extracts exactly those found naturally in our skin cells to promote perfect skin condition and health.

by Oksana Strelnikova, Ost Cosmetics Ltd., June 15, 2014

If you have additional questions, please contact our Plazan Beauty Consultant

Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatments for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin care market.


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