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Here you can find Worldwide Press Reports, and receive the information on our ...Special Offers... or soon to be released products.

Jennifer Lopez takes 15 hours and 2 placenta masks a week to look this good

"Jennifer Lopez takes 15 hours and 2 placenta masks a week to look this good",

Tried and tested the best beauty products...

Plazan Collagen Cream, € 47.90

Effectiveness: My skin felt more taut and looked less sluggish.
Value for money: Considering what I spend on Crème de la Mer products, this is definitely a bargain.
Score: 9

Plazan Eye Cream, € 49.60

Ease of use: A dream to put on.
Effectiveness: I was amazing, particularly after a late night or long haul journey when the skin can be puffy. It immediately tightened up my skin. I used it on the models on a recent shoot I did in the US. We had all traveled from Ireland and the ingredients in the Plazan products (cell extracts from placental tissue) were miraculous.
Value for money: Excellent.
Score: 10

Plazan skin care Branding Test logo     "...All in all, we road-tested 75 products, balancing low with high prices."

Aveda Creme Hydratante, €47, Score: 8
Clinique Rich Face Cream Super Defence, €52, Score: 9
Clinique All About Eyes Rich, €32, Score: 8
L´Oreal wrinkle decrease eye cream, €11.70, Score: 7
MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15, €29.50, Score: 8
Px Prescriptives skin-brightening cream Moisturiser, Vibrant C, €57, Score: 2
Px Prescriptives Vibrant C Skin-brightening eye cream, €42, Score: 6
Sisley Eye and Lip contour complex cream, €102, Score: 6

"Face forward",
Danielle Murphy

Pamela Hill

An astute results-oriented leader with a proven track record of building and growing companies in the medical appearance sector she has been actively involved in the evolution of the medical spa model as well as the research and development of the Pamela Hill Skin Care product line. Ms. Hill has been active with patient care, the development of policy and procedure and clinician education. Passionate about the education of aestheticians in the medical spa setting, Ms. Hill beg an a relationship with Milady, an imprint of Delmar Learning, in 2003. This relationship launched Ms. Hill's authoring of the Aesthetician Series; a twelve book series dedicated to the education of medical aestheticians and the must-have information for on-the-job success. Currently six of the books are in print. Ms Hill has appeared on national and regional radio talk shows including "Here's to your Health" and has been quoted in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, and Beverly Hills' 213.

Spa Rewire Series.
Plazan Skin Care products for aestheticians

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Plazan: extensive range of beauty-care products...

"Looking good with Ilia Georgiou",
Seven Magazine

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She noticed her scars looked better...

Smoother skin through human what?! Although you may have heard of placenta products, incorporating human placenta components into face creams and masks is a new twist.

Sound too gross to be good?! Not to everyone.

When her face was scarred in a kitchen accident, Russian model Ludmila Llich began using a human placenta-rich cream developed by a Russian space research laboratory to treat burned astronauts. 'My doctors said I'd always have marks and discoloration because the tissue damage was so deep', says Llich. But after applying the cream every day for a month, she noticed her scars looked better. It appeared that the placenta – rich in biologically active ingredients, including antioxidants, proteins and amino acids – was rejuvenating her skin, something it does for the non-scared as well. Don't worry, there's nothing sinister about the source: they're collected form volunteer donors (after they've given birth to healthy babies).

"Second Annual Report: Beauty Breakthroughs"
by Elizabeth Graves, Self Magazine

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Cosmetic Placenta: The lines are just staying away!

Cosmetic companies usually love to trumpet their "miracle" ingredients. But placenta - the embryonic tissue formed in pregnant mammals and used for decades as a wrinkle reducer - is one beautifier that has long been kept under wraps. That may be changing: a 59-year-old aesthetician in Beverly Hills, Calif., says she gave up Botox injections a month after she started using the skin smoother. "The lines are just staying away," she says.

"Trend Alert: Cosmetic Placenta"
by Julie Rawe, Time Magazine

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Plazan: In many ways this is the future...

life magazine about trends in skin care industry - cover A big part of Garcia's research includes traveling to other countries. Dr. Oz Garcia, the worlds leading health and beauty nutritionist, says that in Russia and parts of Europe, especially Germany and Switzerland, there are anti-aging therapies, such as the use of animal stem cells, that have no comparable approach in America.

"I think the Russians are way out in front in this field," says Garcia. "They're already using - get this - human stem cell extracts reduced from human umbilical cords and placenta that have been refined and are currently being used both inside and outside Russia.
In many ways this is the future.
In my travels through Russia I met the leading Plazan researchers, the work they're doing in life extension takes your breath away".

Dr Oz Garsia    In my travels through Russia, Dr. Oz Garcia

Pop sensation Jennifer Lopez has revealed the secret
to keeping her skin looking younger for longer - placenta facial treatment.

Her closely guarded secret was revealed in a world exclusive report on the VH1 show, the fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, broadcast on the 6th of June 2005. During the program J.Lo talked openly about her placenta collagen face masks.

Here you can find Worldwide Press Reports, and receive the information on our ...Special Offers... or soon to be released products.

Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatment for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin care market.


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