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Plazan Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream - Gold Series (50ml)

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Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream - Gold Series (50ml)
Plazan Facial Skin Care Products

After age 35 the best result is achieved with additional application of Plazan Gold Series Day cream and Night cream to the Plazan Moisturising Evening Cream under specified sequence:
- morning: Day cream,
- evening: Evening cream
- night: Night Cream is applied in 40-60 minutes after Evening Cream.

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Price: € 37.00

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Plazan Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream - Gold Series contains 0,025% of hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 2000–5000 Dalton. These components freely penetrate in derma, into skin cells and basal layer. Low-molecular fragments of hyaluronic acid is capable of sharply increasing hydration of the deepest layers of integuments. Moisturising Evening Cream contains oligosaccharide and other active ingredients that together nourish and hydrate even the deepest skin layers, rejuvenating skin cells, improving skin appearance and smoothing out wrinkles.

Application: Clear skin in the evening. Apply the Evening Cream with massing short finger-tip movements and leave cream for 30-40 minutes then remove the surpluses by damp napkin, and apply the Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Night Cream.

When you are over 35 the recommended scheme of skin care - Day cream, Night cream and Evening cream - can be intensively used during 1-1,5 months. Then you use Gold Series Day and Night Creams.
Regular application of these free anti aging creams supports the skin with active and healthy condition for a long time. Skin quickly restores its water-retaining ability, wrinkles are smoothed and become less appreciable.

Recommendation: Intensive Moisturising Evening cream is recommended for dry, ageing skin. Use Plazan Cosmetic Toner with Hyaluronic Acid and Cosmetic Milk with Hyaluronic Acid for skin cleansing prior to the Plazan Anti Aging Moisturising Evening Cream application.

Plazan Gold Series Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream is suitable for all skin types.
As intensive moisturising remedy it is recommended to apply from age of 35.
Used in conjunction with Plazan Gold Series Day and Night Cream making it an ideal solution for your anti aging strategy.

Ingredients: Water, olive oil, emulsive wax, glycerin monostearate, triethanolamine, Dibunol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, *Low-molecular Plazan, *Hyaluronic acid, *Glycosaminoglycans, aromatizer.

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Plazan Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream
Active Ingredients Specification

*Low-molecular Plazan is the most effective nutritious component created by nature. Its nutritious components are full analogues of components that are delivered by blood to skin cells. Because of natural components balance, the skin cells get full nutrition by non modified substances involved directly in biosynthesis processes. Low-molecular Plazan activates aerobic metabolism and oxidative phosphorylation, thus providing cells with high-energy phosphates. Increase oxygen consumption and improves glucose flow especially under conditions of cells and fabrics emaciation, improves skin reparation and regeneration.

THE FEATURE of this Plazan Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream of Gold Series is a special concentration of active components. It is important to consider that our skin does not simply change overnight from 'young' skin to 'old' skin.
In order to neutralize these ageing processes we need to help the skin by providing it with those components it lacks.

*Placenta Glycosaminoglycans Included in the Plazan Gold Series Evening Cream are very effective against skin weariness, they easily penetrate into middle and deep layers of derma, effectively moisten them.

* Hyaluronic acid has the highest hygroscopic property (the ability to absorb moisture) compared to other most common moisturising agents such as glycerine and sorbitol. At the same time unlike glycerine it stays active in dry atmosphere. Hyaluronic Acid also stimulates epidermal cells migration and affect collagen production. Besides, polymerous net, which is formed on the skin surface by Hyaluronic Acid, allows biologically active substances that are part of skin care product to stay longer on it. This makes it more likely for the biologically active substances to penetrate into epidermis. Hyaluronic Acid decreases free radicals formation. Being a natural UV filter, it prevents hard UV radiation penetration in the range of 280-320 nm.

* Antioxidant - Dibunol is also included in the Plazan Moisturising Day Cream structure. This substance is a stronger bio-antioxidant than vitamin E. Dibunol promotes neutralization of free radicals, which are formed in skin cells under environment influence (sunlight, alcohol, smoking, stress).

Plazan Anti Aging Intensive Moisturising Evening Cream - Gold Series (50ml)

Price: € 37.00

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Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatments for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin Care Market.


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