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Plazan skin care range was conceived in biotechnological laboratories basing on the latest achievements of medicine, gene engineering and biotechnology.
Full compatibility with skin cells, high efficiency, absence of antigenicity and customizing.
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Personal Testimonials About Plazan Natural Skin Care Products

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Plazan Placental Skin Care Products
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Skin Care Articles

Dear plazan cosmetics
I have been reading through your site and would like to thank you for your most informative skin care articles. I particularly liked the one titled "wrinkle cream buying tips" please keep up your skin care articles as I think they are a great source of information for anyone interested in skin care.

Sylvia Gordon,

I have always been on the lookout for products to enhance the results I achieve...

Christine World famous acupuncturist

Christine Whittaker - world famous acupuncturist.

Christine Whittaker - world famous acupuncturist.


I have never been happier with my skin.

About two years ago, I developed many skin allergies so I had to throw out all the products that I had been using. I was watching a program that was about the Stars using a skin product called Plazan. This was few years ago. I had tried many products and everything was making me breakout. I then tried Plazan and my skin has never been better. My allergies do not bother me. I am 39 years old and I have been told that I look like I am in my early 30's. I am using all the creams from the Diamond Series, Day, Evening and Night Cream. I am also using the Eye and lip cream. I have never been happier with my skin. I stopped using the creams about a month ago for about two weeks when I was waiting for my order to be shipped and I noticed a real difference. I could not wait for the creams to arrive at my house. Thank you very much for helping me and I am looking forward to trying the Placenta's mask that Jennifer Lopez mentioned on VH1.

Robyn Sandrew

Thank you for Plazan UK

Debbie Hammond
Darlington UK.

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plazan natural skin care products: eye cream

Eye Cream!!!...your line is by far the best.

I have been buying Plazan products online for about 4 months. I have sensitive skin and use the collagen cream, eye cream, and the Gold series, and am in love with your line.

My skin is so hydrated and healthy looking, and I have no allergic reaction to anything that I have tried so far. I have tried everything out there and your line is by far the best.

Victoria Horton, San Francisco

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If only I had discovered Plazan years ago!

Nina Desborough,
TV and Radio Presenter, Cyprus.

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plazan natural skin care products: collagen cream

Collagen Cream - My skin feels so soft and smooth..

Just writing to inform you, of the product I got from you back in August I have been using your Collagen Cream since then and I am very pleased with the results. My skin feels so soft and smooth. And makes my make up look great. I feel the tightening of my skin, and would recommend all my friends to use. Thank you.

Sarah Quentana,

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...I have seen an enormous improvement..

Jackie Hallinan, Receptionist (

anti wrinkle lip contour cream

I found Plazan Creams the best I have used..

I was first introduced to Plazan products through my daughter. She bought me the Eye Cream within a few days I noticed the puffiness had gone and the lines were less visible. I also noticed the upper lids had lifted. I am now using the Collagen Cream and Lip Contour Cream. The lines are definitely less visible. I have used all the top creams that claim to do this and that. I found your creams the best I have used, and the prices are very reasonable. So I would like to thank you very much for brining this product to my attention. I will be recommending them to friends and family.

Elizabeth Papaconstantinou,
Leeds (York's)

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