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Plazan skin care range was conceived in biotechnological laboratories basing on the latest achievements of medicine, gene engineering and biotechnology.
Full compatibility with skin cells, high efficiency, absence of antigenicity and customizing.
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Personal Testimonials About Plazan Natural Skin Care Products

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Plazan Placental Skin Care Products
random reviews

Plazan for Canada and the delivery time was ...

Lucy Day
Montreal, Canada

Plazan Placenta Collagen Mask

The results were much more than I had expected...

Plazan Seminar

Dear Plazan Institute

As you know I have now been to the Plazan beauty institute on more than one occasion to purchase products, and I will be a customer of yours for many years to come.

Thanks always,
Gill Kemp (

It is absolutely wonderful! My skin feels fresh and hydrated again...

Dear Plazan
I must thank you for introducing me to the Plazan Cosmeceutical products. It is absolutely wonderful! Being a beauty therapist from Scotland I have tried a lot of different products. Since living in Cyprus for 16 months with the change in climate my skin has really suffered, but thanks to you and the Plazan products my skin feels fresh and hydrated again, I will continue to use the products and once again thank you so much.

Maria Milne, beauty therapist, Pafos (Cyprus)

Plazan Moisturising Creams

I am now an avid admirer of Plazan...

Colin Campbell, photographer (

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Plazan products has calmed and cleared my skin...

I was introduced to Plazan skin care products by a friend a few weeks ago, I would like to say how delighted I am to come across such wonderful products. I suffer from Hyper-Sensitive + Allergic skin and I find it very difficult to find products that not only care for my skin needs but also calm my sensitive skin. Since using the products I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin and also how much it has calmed and cleared my skin. I would quickly recommend any of the Plazan natural skin care products to anyone who suffers from sensitive skin like myself. If my skin can improve in such a short time, I am sure continuous use can only keep my skin in the tip-top conditions that it is now in.

Karen Scully, Dublin (Ireland)

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...all my lines and wrinkles have disappeared...

Debra Harris, Cyprus (

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...relief from the itching was so good that I almost cried.

plazan regenerating gel plazanol

Dear Plazan
I would like to say thanks a million times for your Plazan skin regeneration gel. I have been a sufferer of eczema on my hands for many years and have tried everything; it was really getting me down. I was very surprised how quick it started working I put it on at night, and could see the difference the next morning. Also the relief from the itching was so good that I almost cried. Thanks again a million

Kristy Adams

I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone...

Brian Rexter (

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anti wrinkle lip contour cream

..turned the clock back for my skin is back to age 38- 40

I am a skincare veteran. I have spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on anti aging skincare.

I saw the VH-1 episode spotlighting Jennifer Lopez and her beauty secrets so I went ahead and bought the Collagen Cream the Pellicle skin mask and the Gold series creams.

Due to my age I am starting to get the cottage cheese on the thighs and buttocks and next on my list to order is your anti cellulite cream. and eventually the entire professional mask line.

In the meantime thank you for returning my skin back to soap and water clean natural beauty the way we wear it in Brazil. My husband is thrilled and so am I. Truly a miracle in a jar..

Maria Rubio, Miami, FL

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Plazan Skin Care Products
The Latest generation of skin care

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Plazan Logo Advantages of using Placenta Skin Care   Advantages of using Placenta Cell Extracts Plazan Cosmetics Logo
  • Placenta skin care is 100% compatible, being biologically identical to our own skin cells.
  • Placenta skin care reaches even the deepest skin layers and is readily absorbed by all skin cells.
  • Placenta skin care contains Hyaluronic acid – a ‘shock absorber’ and hydrator found integrally throughout the body.
  • Placenta skin care provides complete cell nourishment that stimulates performance and metabolism.
  • Placenta skin care does not create a dependency that requires the use of greater quantities over time to maintain effectiveness.
But the advantages of
Placenta Skin Care Products don’t stop there.
Because of the cell components,
Facial creams based on Placenta Extracts are already
to be more effective then there competitors,
But here is what they offer:
  • Substances are taken from placenta cell extracts so are therefore identical to our own;
  • Substances from placenta cell extracts do not contain damaging male hormones such as testosterone and androsterone
  • Placenta cell substances do not create a dependency or any allergic reactions;
  • Placenta cell substances are more effective at nourishing, hydrating and stimulating skin cells metabolism;
  • Utilizing non-aggressive production techniques ensures a total preservation of all the properties of the active ingredients;


Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatments for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin Care Market.


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