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Plazan Skin care Article: Stem Cell Euphoria. Long-living cells

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Skin Care Article: Stem Cell euphoria. Long-living cells
Issued May 15, 2016

God created a man but he did not supply spare parts.
Today biologists are convinced that in the future spare parts for humans will become common practice dues to the development of the cell technologies.
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In theory any cells of human body can be generated.
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"Cell Euphoria. Stem Cell Therapy"

Stem Cell Euphoria. Long-living cells
Plazan Skin Care Article

Nowadays the use and growing of live cells is surrounded by many myths and speculations. What can cell technologies actually give our health and beauty?

    Long-living cell logo image     Long Living cell and potential of the Stem Cells

Today Stem Cells can be produced in so-called “artificial way”. After artificial insemination of a female ovum (in the lab), it is placed into a special nutrient medium where it develops into a blastocyst in approximately 2 weeks.

If the inner cell mass of blastocyst is then exposed to different agents (substances), in theory any cells of human body can be generated. That is how it happens during a natural development of the embryo in the mother's womb, when cells specialise and become bone, brain, sex cells etc.

Stem Cell Euphoria or
The opportunity to overcome illnesses

If produced cells are processed in a certain way an immortal cell line can be created due to the fissility of the Stem Cells. This fact has no relevance to human immortality; it only means that Stem Cells can be cultivated in a nutrient medium forever (one cell will die, another will develop). This gives the scientists an opportunity to work with the stem cells and study them. In the process of study there is a chance to find the necessary agents, which will help to grow any kind of tissues or organs.

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