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Plazan Skin care Article: Cell Euphoria. Stem Cell Therapy

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Skin Care Article: Cell euphoria. Stem Cell Therapy
Issued July 15, 2016

Today biologists are convinced that in the future spare parts for humans will become common practice dues to the development of the Stem Cell Technologies. (not to be confused with cell extracts)
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However and besides that in theory, any cells of human body can be generated. The insufficiently studied Stem Cells Methods should not be applied in beauty salons or used in cosmetics.

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"Cell Euphoria. Long Living Cells"

Cell Euphoria. Stem Cell Therapy
Plazan Skin Care Article

Nowadays the use and growing of live cells is surrounded by many myths and speculations. What can cell technologies actually give our health and beauty?

    Long-living cell logo image     Do Adults have Stem Cells?

Since 70s scientists have been asking themselves this question and there is still no definite answer. As is well known, a human body has two cell populations: permanent and regeneration cells (thatís where Stem Cells should be looked for). Hemopoietic system and epithelium (skin, mucous membrane of stomach, mouth cavity, respiratory tract etc.) relate to regeneration cell population. Bone marrow is constantly producing new blood cells. The superficial layer of the skin entirely regenerates within 30 days.

Scientists believe that our body has a certain amount of permanent cells which divide continuously and produce differentiated cells. They are called "Stem Postnatal" i.e. Adult Cells. Scientists have defined the criteria these cells should meet.

The abilities of Adult Stem Cells concede the abilities of embryo ones. The work is complicated as there is only a small amount of Stem Cells.
In blastocyst all cells are stem cells, while in adult body they have to be identified and tracked down.
Nevertheless, in theory different tissues and organs could also be grown out of the Adult Stem Cells.

Scientists have already managed to grow bone and cartilage tissue out of the bone marrow cells; they have high hopes for these achievements. It is not possible, of course, to get the whole spectrum of cells at once; nonetheless some medical issues will be solved in the nearest future.

Cell Euphoria.
What can cell therapy actually give our health and beauty?

For many reasons STEM CELL Therapy is not yet officially recognised in medicine. It is considered to be an alternative health treatment. Patient has a right to choose. The development of technologies, molecular biology and genetic engineering gave a new impulse to the Stem Cell Therapy Development.

Everyone heard of Stem Cell Therapy (not to be confused with cell extracts), more and more patients are interested in this new opportunity. However, the research is conducted in the therapeutic direction.
The aesthetic application of the Stem Cell Therapy is not the first-priority. Besides, insufficiently studied Stem Cells Methods should not be widely applied especially in beauty salons and used in cosmetics.

For many reasons STEM CELL Therapy is not yet officially recognised in medicine.

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