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Plazan Skin Care Article: Placenta Fights Aging

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Plazan Skin Care Article: Placenta Fights Aging
Issued June 15, 2005

Placenta Fights Aging
Plazan Skin Care Article

Previously, placenta was mainly utilized but nowadays it is widely used in different spheres of production, having gained a status of the most important and unique organ. What makes it unique and what are the legislative aspects of use of placenta in cosmetics production?

It has never been discussed and said so much about placenta before. A huge number of placental products gave rise to great interest and discussions. The products range from placental emulsion used in agriculture and plant cultivation to increase the crops, in cattle breeding to strengthen animals and poultry immune system, and, finally, of course, there are placental preparations to be used in Health Improving Centers, placental creams and concentrates (cosmetic serums) – in cosmetology and cosmoceutics.

Cosmetology's interest in placenta is caused not only by its healing, rejuvenating power and full set of biologically active substances

After the problems of mechanical proteolysis, tissue sterilization and exclusion of thermal and chemical processes from the placenta processing technologies have been solved, manufacturers found it possible to separate substances keeping their natural composition and biological activity to the maximum.

According to the list of latest patented and tested technologies, today all amino acids, necessary to people, can be separated from placenta (out of them 6 are essential), highly active proteins, nitrogen, phosphorus, nucleic acids, micro elements, vitamins, enzymes and other substances. In total, 100 components responsible for metabolism, vital activity, growth, birth and body self-defence from environment can be separated.


The latest thinking and research is focused on developing skin protection not from a plain Sun Protection Factor but from the cells themselves. The case in point is a new area of cosmetology (Allocosmetics) and skin care products of modern generation of late 1990s, which are based on cell extracts that have lately drawn much attention of scientists.

Modern technology of toxic substances breakdown allows getting such substances that do not contain viruses, bacteria or hormones. All toxic substances are broken down.

manufacturers found it possible to separate substances keeping their natural composition and biological activity to the maximum

The most common accusation of placental products is that they contain hormones. None of cosmetic products is allowed to have them. This reproach is not groundless when we talk about careless manufacturers. The process of obtaining and purification of placental components must be carried out in compliance with all norms, then there won’t be any mistakes.


Gossips about women being pushed to deliver for money or make abortions to get placenta are groundless

Use of abortive material for cosmetic products production also raises doubts because for a conscientious manufacturer "immature" placenta can not be a source for obtaining valuable active substances, besides, it is comparatively small in size.


Conclusion: Not everyone will bring himself to apply components of a living thing on the face but if it does not stop you, you will, undoubtedly, get good results.

The Latest generation of skin care based on placenta cell extracts
to win the fight against aging

Plazan Cosmeceutical products of new generation of skin care based on cell extracts moisten and nourish the skin with those genuine components needed to renew aged molecules and stimulate biosynthesis.

Placenta Fights Aging
by Oksana Strelnikova, Ost Cosmetics Ltd., June 15, 2005

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Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatments for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin care market.


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