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Plazan Skin Care Article: Preventing Razor Bumps

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Plazan Skin Care Article: Preventing Razor Bumps
Issued December 15, 2006

There are plenty of women that spend lots of money and time looking for a way to get smooth skin, free of unwanted hair, and without suffering unpleasant side-effects. While shaving is cheap and effective at removing hair, it can sometimes lead to irritation and discomfort among the women who use it as a method.

Preventing Razor Bumps
Plazan Skin Care Article

For women who shave, it's a common thing to get small, unsightly bumps after they do the job. The level of discomfort they cause is significant, and curing them is a bit of a task on its own. There are several ways to go about it, and they are all worth trying on your way to finding a method that works for you.

You should also make sure to replace your razor heads frequently. If you start to feel that the razor is not gliding smoothly against the skin anymore or not shaving as closely, get a new one. Using new razors in good shape will help eliminate bumps as well.

Many different kinds of razors are available for women. They may have feminine-sounding names and look elegant in beautiful shades of pink, but don't judge a book by its cover. Instead, look for function. Try to get a razor with more than a single head. This will enable you to get very near the root while avoiding irritation of the skin.

The process of shaving doesn't end after you rinse off your leg and feel its smoothness. Use a moisturizer following the shave as another weapon against razor bumps. Your skin dries out to an extent after shaving so it's a very good idea to use After Shave Cream on it after you're done. Go for an unscented lotion; they work best.

It goes without saying that almost all women will shave at least once in awhile. Do it right by getting the right products and your skin will thank you.

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