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Plazan Skin Care Article: Skin Pigmentation From Sun Exposure

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Plazan Skin Care Article: Skin Pigmentation From Sun Exposure
Issued October 15, 2013

SKIN COLOR is called - Constitutional Pigmentation. And it is defined genetically.
Moles, freckles, birthmarks are called Congenital or Acquired Nevi..
PIGMENTATION is a change in the color of tissue (hair, skin) caused by coloring agents - pigments.
Pigmentation disorder or dyschromia is characterized by darkening or lightening of normal skin color as a result of dysfunction of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes).

Skin Pigmentation
From Sun Exposure

It is possible to get sunburned at any latitude. Unlike thermal burns, sun burns are not usually graded according to the depth of the damage to the skin, but they can bring on serious skin diseases.

Sun burns can bring on serious skin diseases

Holidaymakers who go the countries with hot climate and spend a lot of time on the beach suffer the most.

It is advisable to avoid direct sun light and use sun protective cream as precaution. Umbrella or hat with wide rims can also protect from sun radiation.

Chloasma is pigmented maculae of irregular shape with distinct outline which can appear on open parts of the skin exposed to sun light, commonly on the face. The color (from light brown or dark brown) and intensity of this type of hyperpigmentation depend on the photosensitivity of the skin.

Skin Pigmentation From Sun Exposure

People with a light brown skin who are living in regions with intense sun exposure are particularly susceptible to developing this condition. Provocative factors for this pigmentation, besides excessive sun exposure, can be pregnancy, menstrual period, some medications (like oral contraceptives). In these cases pigmentation disappears in a few months after childbirth or after medication withdrawal. Sometimes chloasma can reappear with new pregnancy. Daily use of sunscreen creams is recommended as a precaution.

What causes skin pigmental manifestations? Is there any difference between freckles, sun burn, geriatric, hormonal and birth marks and can they be treated?
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Non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment
Method to restore natural skin pigmentation

Professional Medication Program
for pigmental disorders and its prevention

Laboratory testing of the Plazan Treatment agains Pigmental Disorders shows:
The optimum skin improvement is achieved in 2-3 months

Plazan Professional Medication Program is very effective for pigmental disorders and its prevention.

Plazan Professional Skin Care Program for Pigmentation disorders also provide skin with a great additional results, such as:
- significant smoothing of wrinkles,
- skin lifting and face outline conditioning,
- skin improvement of post acne scarring effect

Find out more about Plazan Professional Medication Program for Pigmentation Disorders and Its Prevention

Remember that it is easier to prevent pigmentation disorder then to treat it

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