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Plazan Skin Care Article: Skin Sensitivity to the sun

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Skin Care Article: Skin Sensitivity to the sun
Issued October 15, 2014

Skin Sensitivity to the sun
Plazan Skin Care Article

Many years ago tanned skin was a sign of poverty. Only peasants and workmen, who spent most of their day outside had tanned skin. Lily white skin symbolized wealthy and prosperous life; women of the nobility would not leave the house without an umbrella.

Since the 1920’s suntan became a luxury, a sign of prosperity. Golden tan meant holidays and prestigious sports: tennis, golf, skiing and yachting. The fashion for tan turned out to be long lasting. Most people consider it their duty to return from their holidays with a deep tan, so they can demonstrate it to their friends and colleagues. Sun light as well as holidays and fresh air is a health-improving factor which gives people a psychological boost.

In fact, sunlight has no healing or therapeutic effect.

In fact, sunlight has no healing or therapeutic effect. On the contrary, some people suffer from skin irritations or allergic reactions when they are on medication that increases skin sensitivity to the sunlight. The list of such medication is very diverse: certain antibiotics, antifungal medication, oral contraceptive pills, tranquillizers, diuretics and anti-diabetic medication.

The sunlight damages genetic code of the skin cells and subdues immune system which can lead to the development of skin cancer. Moreover, exposure to sunlight can accelerate the progress of cataract – a clouding of the lens of the eye.

Even if suntan does not cause any immediate illnesses, its consequences can appear later in a form of small blood vessel reticulum apparent on face, neck or chest or brown sun marks also called “liver or age marks” or other pigmentation disorders varying in color (red, yellow and grey). The affected skin becomes dry, uneven and nodular.

effect of sunlight on the skin is more destructive than age factor

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