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Plazan Skin Care Article: Rely Upon Therapy or to Surrender at discretion of Plastic Surgeon?

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Skin Care Article: Rely Upon Therapy or to Surrender at discretion of Plastic Surgeon?
Issued October 15, 2015

Rely upon therapy or to surrender at discretion of plastic surgeon?
Plazan Skin Care Article

What is better: cream or scalpel? ..Surgery or therapy? At all times, these questions stumped patients, also for the reason of an existing differentiation between surgeons and cosmetologists-therapists.
Today medical dermatocosmetology has therapeutic and surgical branches.
Nevertheless, therapy and surgery are not competitors.
They supplement each other and when used together lead to brilliant results, after all each one solves its own tasks.

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There is some weak points in surgical method of aging fighting it is absolutely adynamic when it comes to solving certain problems. Scalpel of the best surgeon will never give you a healthy look and will never bring back elasticity to your skin.

age does not only mean wrinkles

An operation is undoubtedly a good and effective method but rather risky. That is why the majority of cosmetologists try to put it off as far as possible.

Plazan cosmeceuticals are developed using the latest production technology to preserve the biologically active components of the placenta raw material and provide our clients with superior anti-aging skin care products and efficient regenerating treatments for problem skin, that are more effective than those presently available in the Skin care market.


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